Top 5 best backup cameras

best backup camera

As a business owner, it’s natural to seek out the best backup cameras on the market. According to OSHA, the number of fatal forklift-related accidents would rise to 1,200 in 2017 in the United States alone. Whether it’s to enhance safety and reduce the number of workplace accidents, or simply to update your equipment, Track-Vision understands the importance of having the best backup camera.

To guide you with your purchase, here are the top 5 best backup cameras that you can add to your industrial rolling machineries.

1.      The best backup camera for forklifts

rear view camera kit

To maximize your employees’ safety, Track-Vision suggests the Track-Vision Eco TRV 7007-4Q backup camera for your forklifts. Here is what makes this the best overall forklift backup camera:

  • The monitor has a high ACL resolution 7-inch screen and 4 camera inputs
  • The camera is equipped with a microphone, an infrared system and a sun cover
  • The camera is also waterproof and dust-resistant, so it can withstand harsh working conditions
  • The camera automatically adjusts to brightness
  • For a wireless camera, you can add a transmitter-receiver.


2.      The best backup camera for the agricultural sector

camera de recul moniteur agricultureFor agriculture, Track-Vision strongly recommends the TRV 707-2 set. It’s a backup camera kit with a 7’’ monitor and two camera inputs. It has a 130° angle with infrared, microphone and sun cover. Vibration and dust-resistant, this camera is ideal for tractors and other agricultural machineries.





3.      The best backup camera for compact construction equipment

bob cat rear view camera kitFor the construction industry, we recommend the TRV 7005-3 camera. Its 5’’ LCD monitor is compact and easy to install, in addition to capturing images with a 130° angle. Featuring an infrared camera, a microphone and a sun cover, this camera is also resistant to vibration, water and dust.





4.      The recommended set for tractor-trailers

kit de caméra de recul semi-remorque TRV7007-4QFor tractor-trailers, Track-Vision suggests the TRV7007-4Q set. This monitor has a 7-inch ACL screen and 4 camera inputs. The camera also has an expanded 130° angle, an integrated infrared system, a microphone and a sun cover.

Here are some other advantages of the TRV7007-4Q backup camera kit:

  • Easy to add extra cameras
  • Sound protection against vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-resistant
  • On-screen backup markers
  • Simple, split-view or quadruple display
  • For a wireless camera, you can add a transmitter-receiver.


5.      The best backup camera for trucks

garbage truck rear view camera kitThe TRV7007-4Q Track-Vision Eco set of cameras offers the very best in backup camera technology. The set includes a 7’’ LCD monitor with 4 camera inputs, and the camera has a 130° angle with infrared, microphone and sun cover. The camera automatically adjusts itself to brightness and comes with a one-year warranty.

If you want more information on the best backup cameras for the commercial and industrial sectors, don’t hesitate to contact the backup camera experts at Track-Vision.